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CleanRead, 2014

CleanRead makes reading articles and content from the web easy on your eyes, and your brain. Users simply provide a target url and CleanRead will collect the content, strip out unnecessary clutter, and provide a clean, distraction-free reading environment. Users will also have the option to customize their reading experience for both health and aesthetic preferences, including: changing theme colors (to fit with lighting and eye strength), font variations and line height, horizontal or vertical scrolling, continuous or page-based reading, and ability to disable images/video/links. Users can also create an optional account in order to bookmark their readings, annotate, and have the ability to export and save documents to a variety of formats.
View the interactive mockup of CleanRead and see below for some of the first stage wireframe images. CleanRead was created purely for design purposes and, as such, is not functional as an application in its current iteration.