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Recombination, 2013

The book is derived form a one-sentence flash fiction piece. Preserving the structure and tone from the original sentence, Recombination was created using a short Python script to replace the words randomly based on a new, very limited, vocabulary. The book consists of the output of fourteen iterations of the randomized script, as well as the original flash fiction and the Python code itself.

The illustrations for Recombination are derived from a highly pixelated image of J.M.W. Turner's “The Slave Ship,” which is featured on the cover. Each spread uses a single color from the pixelated image as its background. All other visual elements are letter formations pulled from the code itself.
For the most part, digital language arts appears as a remediation of traditional forms of writing. Placing a coded, recombinatorial, piece back into a static format, as happens in Recombination, plays with this inter-media dynamic.
Text from the original flash fiction piece:
"She was not a morbid girl, but ritually wrote her obituary each spring, beginning at the age of eleven."