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The Visitor, 2013

Though The Visitor is simplistic, its uncanny and somewhat eerie tone makes it more for adults than children, though it can be accessible to both. The book follows the story of a strange new visitor who appears one day in a pastoral landscape, much to the surprise of the wild animals living in the area. The Visitor reads as an amalgamation of cute, fluffy creatures (think Beatrix Potter) and odd magical realism (Kafkaesque?).

The illustrations in The Visitor were also created by the author and made from blind contour drawings with collaged materials.
Inspiration for both the writing and art was drawn from the eerie tales of Maurice Sendak, such as Outside Over There or his illustrated version of the Brothers Grimm story Dear Mili, as well as the more macabre, but humorous, vignettes written and illustrated by Edward Gorey.