A [Mouse] Work in Process

A web-based interactive fiction chronicling the story of a technological infestation which has been misrecognized as an animal infestation. Created as an honors thesis project for the Literary Arts department at Brown University.

“My Computer Hates Me”

An interactive and affective investigation of Human-Computer Interaction.


A short poem, originally written as a lipogram, which has been adapted to a digital platform. The letters of the poem reveal themselves to the viewer over time, slowly finding their correct locations within the poem.

250th Micro Fictions

A quick series of draggable and curate-able micro fictions about Brown University’s 250th anniversary. Created for Brown's April 2014 Theories in Action conference.


Created for the CAVE, a 3D virtual reality environment at Brown University, Direction is a three-dimensional maze-like world where users navigate a series of rooms constructed from text. The project explores user interaction and point of view and plays with our expectations of cause-and-effect and the potential humanity embedded in computer systems.

It's A Snake

An interactive language-based computer program, modeled after the classic arcade-style game Snake. In the piece, users direct and build a snake constructed from letters, forming words and phrases based on a dynamically generated text.


An interactive web-based text which addresses location, geographically, psychologically, and corporeally. By mousing through the text and exploring various options, users reveal layers, edit structure, and help create a unique piece with each iteration.