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Mapping, 2011

The piece is made up of three individual texts overlaid on each other in a web browser window. When first displayed, only one text is visible, but by selecting from the set of options on the right-hand side of the page and mousing over the piece, a user can switch between different texts (each color coded), rearrange words, erase them, or edit the structure of the piece entirely. The reset button can be used to return to the original text and will remove whatever changes have been made. The texts of Mapping, along with its felxible structure, address location, geographically, psychologically, and corporeally.

Digital language arts offers new structures for reading and writing, and the possibility to combine the two at a new level. With Mapping, the viewer not only reads the original texts, but alters and combines them as they explore, creating a unqiue piece with each iteration. Mapping functions not only as a once-off piece, but a play-thing, and even an instrument for building new texts.
Mapping was exhibited at the Modern Language Association January 2012 conference in Seattle, WA, as part of the "Future Writers: Electronic Literature by Undergraduates from U.S. Universities" in the Electronic Literature showcase. It was also featured at the Habits of Living: Networked Affects, Glocal Effects conference held at Brown University, March 2013, sponsored by the Modern Culture and Media department. Mapping was also selected for the 2014 Edwin Honig Memorial Award, along with Pull, by the Brown University Literary Arts Department.
Mapping was designed to be run in a web browser and was created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.