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A [Mouse] Work in Process, 2014

A [Mouse] Work in Process is a piece of interactive fiction, intended for viewing on the web. The narrative involves a technological infestation, misrecognized as an animal infestation.
Readers are presented with a short passage of text at a time. In order to progress through the narrative, users must complete interactions with the text itself, clicking or "mousing over" words that stand out visually. When enough interactions have been triggered, readers are prompted to load the next "page" of text. Possible interactions include creating "letter-mice," which scatter across the screen, as well as creating new "branching" paragraphs and images, which provide supplemental narrative. The "letter-mice" have additional interactive potential, avoiding the user's mouse movements and flocking to the newly introduced branching content.
Tips for navigation:

  • Find and interact with text that seems visually unusual

  • Once you have completed enough interactions, the progress bar will become a button to procede through the narrative. However, there may still be some interactions left to find in the text!

  • Hitting your browser's back button will not do what you expect and you will be forced to start a chapter over again. Try to avoid this tendency while we work to fix it!

  • A [Mouse] Work in Process performs best in Chrome, though Firefox, Safari, and IE 9+ will work

A [Mouse] Work in Process was created as an Honors Thesis project for the Literary Arts Department at Brown University. It was coded using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including the jQuery and jQuery Timing libraries.