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Pull, 2012

The poem in Pull, which was originally titled "Reflections on Kitchen Dishes" was created as an alternating lipogram. For each line, there are two letters of the alphabet, one vowel and one consonant, which cannot appear in that text. The excluded vowel and consonant change for each line, cycling in alphabetical order.
The digitally-adapted version of Pull adds the element of time and space into its reading. The pensive nature of the descriptive poem lends itself to a slow reading, forced here through a delay in the appearance of each line. Additionally, the animation of the letters, appearing first at the bottom of the page and working their way up, jittering like little creatures, until they reach their appropriate position in the poem, reveals a physical quality which mirrors how essential the individual characters are to the constrained structuring and vocabulary of the poem.

Pull was selected for the 2014 Weston Senior Prize and the 2014 Edwin Honig Memorial Award, along with Mapping, by the Brown University Literary Arts Department.