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Transmitting images via sound waves, an experimental data transfer method.


A color analysis project featuring three painting by Cezanne.

IN SITU: A Public Art-Works Project

A curatorial project to rethink and reengage viewers with outdoor public art. Part conceptual, part physical, images of how the pieces would have looked installed "in situ" were placed in their outdoor sites. Documentation was also exhibited at the Granoff Center for Creative Arts at Brown University.


A curatorial project which presents a novel viewing experience for digital art. Installed in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts at Brown University, the exhibition featured flash drives hanging from the ceiling, which a viewer could randomly select and plug into a hub. The piece of digital art stored on that drive would then be projected in the gallery space.


A series of digital images overlaying textual emoticons and famous portraits. The piece explores our changing definitions and portrayals of the human and the emotional in the digital age.