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435 638 918, 2014

435 638 918 was created together with Oscar Robert and Will Urmston.
435 638 918 could be classified as an experimental data transfer method, transmitting images, via sound waves, from one computer to another. On the sending computer, an image is decomposed into its RGB pixel values. Each set of RGB pixel values is then translated, from left to right across the image, into three distinct frequency ranges, one for red, green, and blue. These three frequencies are emitted simultaneously from the sending computer, one "pixel" at a time, and picked up by the receiving computer. The receiving computer, listening continually, parses the frequencies back into RGB data and displays the image as it processes, one pixel at a time. Over a lengthy period of time, a version of the original image will be built on the receiving computer.

With 435 638 918, must of the interest lies not in a perfect reproduction of the original image, but in the noise that is introduced into the system. This noise can be the result of distortions in the frequencies or in interference from other sounds in the physical space where the two computers reside.
In order to best illustrate the results of 435 638 918, we ran the process multiple times, sending the resulting image back through the transfer method again and again. This process emphasized the distortions in the system, creating a continually corrupting version of the image. Each pass also took a very tangible amount of time, lasting at least thirteen minutes. Documentation of 435 638 918 can be seen in the PDF booklet.
435 638 918 was built using MaxMSP and Processing.