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IN SITU: A Public Art-Works Project, 2013

As a curatorial project, IN SITU seeks to rethink our relationship with outdoor public art and reengage viewers with the spaces around them. The exhibition features works whose materials, scale, or placement, are unconventional for their environment, challenging and surprising the expectations we hold when interacting with art.

The exhibition was designed partly as a conceptual project to imagine bringing in large-scale works of public sculpture by relatively high profile artists. The six pieces featured in IN SITU provoke essential questions of temporality, scale, and environment, which place outdoor public art back in conversation with a long tradition of alternative art practices. Through the use of more temporary materials and radical difference in size, the featured pieces challenge our ideas of permanence, our sense of scale, and our assumptions of location, taking advantage of unusual environments to dramatically alter a work's reception.
Because of the physically impossibility of installing these pieces in their chosen sites, IN SITU took advantage of a novel approach for display. Images were created, which digitally combined photographs of each selected work with its particular location. These prints were then posted "in situ," outdoors where the works would have been installed, so that a viewer would, when passing by, see the piece as it would have initially appeared, in perspective with its environment. The temporary nature of the exhibit, which was visible for only a few unannounced days, complemented the transient, surprising gestures of the selected pieces.

Documentation of the project was exhibited at the Granoff Center for Creative Arts at Brown University in the spring of 2013.