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Stalactite, 2013

Curators: Celine Katzman, Isabela Muci, Sylvia Tomayko-Peters, and Tiffany Zabludowicz
Installed in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts at Brown University, Stalactite was an exhibition which was organized and curated in the hopes of presenting digital art in a non-traditional manner within the “white box” gallery space.

Each piece of art was stored on a single flash drive, hung from the ceiling of the gallery space, like a stalactite. A viewer, entering the space, can remove a flash drive from its dangling hook and plug it into the hub, located in the space. The piece of art within that drive was then projected into the space, displayed, or played in a loop, until a different flash drive is inserted.
The flash drives were unlabeled and indistinguishable from each other, creating a randomized experience for the viewer, who has no way to keep track of which pieces they are selecting. This choice was made to reflect the process of browsing for and stumbling upon new media art on the internet, which often catches us by surprise.
The exhibition featured work from 20 students, professors, and community members, showcasing the New Media Art being created and experimented with at Brown University and the greater Providence area.